We are happy to hear about your wish to extend your practice in Longevity Medicine - the fastest growing field in medicine.

In order to have a better understanding about the particular features of BHRT and IV Nutritional therapy practice we highly recommend individual coaching sessions with our doctors, who are widely recognized Anti-aging practitioners. Those sessions are very popular among our clients. This is extremely important information to share with your patient the first time they visit you. Both your clinic and your patients will gain huge benefits.

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Before scheduling the skype-coaching session with one of our experts, please choose the following options for coaching topics:

Patient’s treatment plan (duration - 30 minutes)

  • Get the best treatment plan and customize it for your individual patients.
  • In order to discuss as many patients as possible, the doctor must prepare the following to do a screen share:
    • Patient’s lab tests
    • Patient’s questionnaire
    • Patient’s medical history form
    • Questions regarding patient case
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Q&A (duration - 30 minutes)

  • This session will help the Longevity Medicine Practitioner to better understand any theoretical issues as well as to obtain general practical recommendations regarding BHRT and IV Nutritional Therapy.
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Marketing strategy for Longevity Medicine Practitioner (duration - 30 minutes)

  • How to introduce Longevity Medicine to your existing patients?

  • What is the best group for Longevity Medicine among existing patients?
  • What each patient must know about Longevity Medicine?
  • Extend your practice – how to introduce Longevity Medicine to patients’ family members, friends and colleagues?
  • Independent strategy - how to attract new Longevity Medicine patients who are not part of your practice?
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Owner/CEO/Director business strategy (duration - 30 minutes)

  • How to introduce Longevity Medicine in your facility?
  • What your team members must know about Longevity Medicine?
  • Team strategy – what staff members must be involved in Longevity Medicine promotion?
  • Control technics.
  • Mistakes you can avoid.
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As soon as we receive payment, our coach coordinator will contact you within 24 hours in order to schedule the best time and date for your first coaching session.